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Commerce Managed Services
Robotic Process Automation
AR & VR technologies
Virtual Assistants

NexGen Touchpoints is one of the most trending topics across the globe which speaks about efficiency, convenience, and effectiveness of systems through IT and business Modernization for all the users across organizations. NexGen Touchpoints has been given the spotlight to manage costly project investments and to replace obsolete technologies. Since the advent of all emerging tech, IT Touchpoints needs to be at the core of an organization and act as the thinking force to implement and deliver new projects to consumers for their betterment.

Another thought is about the data centers. Since customers have become relaxed about information and data we collect from them, we have been generating huge amounts of data. With Business Touchpoint modernization, we can provide a better sense of how to prioritize data flow and figure out where all the data fits in the business ecosystem.

Why We Do it

IT has changed how a consumer and brand communicate with each other simultaneously through various channels. In order to cope up with this trend, we understand that technology has been the core of a business lifecycle and we focus ourselves on efficiency, cost management & Innovation. The critical objective of IT modernization is reducing redundant infrastructure and creation of the right fit services for benefitting through emerging tech. Once we create the framework of utilization transparency, we can commit to organizational success through IT modernization.

What We Do

  • Commerce Managed Services
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Data sciences
  • Cloud & DevOps Infrastructure Transformation
  • AR & VR technologies
  • Internet-enabled devices & Wearables
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Intelligent Search
  • Cognitive Experiences

How We Do

The industry works around the following steps in IT Modernization to justify their tactics/strategies:
Legacy Transformation

Shifting to an entirely new platform without utilizing the technology from old systems

Recover and Reuse

Use existing code and techniques from existing applications after elimination of technology-specific code


Changing the entire application to a new technology without any new data management and functionality


Create a service-oriented architecture to operate/communicate on the new platform implemented through existing code


Transfer information to new technologies without changing the application flow


Utilize emerging technologies to work with internet enabled devices

Our Approach

Our approach is based entirely on the analysis of current and future business processes and capabilities which identifies the extent to which the IT strength meets those needs.

We follow the following steps:


Understand the Current IT Inventory and capabilities in the organization along with the market leaders and consumer requirements


Considering the extent, risk and alternative to which organization wants to modernize the IT landscape. Eg: An approach to utilize existing legacy systems then gradually transform to a entirely new system


Managing the lifecycle costs, time constraints and plan accordingly to sprints of development


Finally Implement the project through following steps

  • Project Plan
  • Communication Team
  • Team Management
  • Execution
  • Testing
  • Deployment

Our Differentiators

  • Optimizing business processes to save labor costs
  • Automate manual processes to further reduce the cost of labor
  • Reduce the need to extend or modify applications through the use of reusable service-oriented architecture
  • Reducing or eliminating ongoing maintenance and support fees for expensive, proprietary legacy
  • Establish strength in emerging tech to utilize them for consumer engagement

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