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Marketing is now at the core of organizations to optimize sales operations and re-imagine the offerings based on customer listening abilities and insights. The digital experience is under constant evolution because of the IT transformation through techs like big data, agile approach, content strategies, automation. Our Marketing Transformation Services are focused on value creation for our customers for a successful enterprise-wide business transformation.

We at Digifacets, understand that data, media, and analytics are driving the transformation in the current market space. There are many organization who are armed with new methods/technologies but are unable to implement them efficiently to harness the right results. We enable enterprises to prioritize and transform marketing activities through technology and process. The landscape of marketing transformation comprises of strategies, people, processes, and capabilities seamlessly fused together to deliver brand experiences and business insights. Marketing Transformation not only strengthens the company’s brand and services but also delivers a unified interaction between infrastructure, processes, and customers.

Our Marketing Transformation Services

There is a shift to marketing owning technology that focuses on the customer-first approach, with the help of digital capabilities. From programmatic and geo-focused to mobile first, socially driven and hyper-personalized content, marketers are mapping their strategy to buying behaviors, journeys, and context of the customers.

It is no longer just to align marketing with company strategy, instead of marketing strategy is actively made by marketers to reach their customers seamlessly. With the help of marketing transformation, we help organizations to increasingly find success just not by being responsive to customers but by defining what customers are looking for and shaping their criteria of purchase.

  • Marketing Automation
  • Experience optimization
  • Marketing Performance Optimization
  • Customer Insights

Our team marketing teams are focused to support our clients with creatives, marketing campaigns, and social launch

  • Marketing campaign planning and execution
  • Content Distribution
  • Social Media Program Activation
  • Cross-Channel Marketing

With our expertise of more than 20 years, our team of innovations specialist, business managers, and business analyst provide idea conceptualization and development

  • Idea definition
  • Concept development and application
  • Content creation and experience design

Marketing Transformation Services: Areas Of Focus

To target the right customers: It is essential to align the objective and goals of marketing transformation by monitoring the target audience that would engage with desired marketing campaigns effectively.

Set the objective: Dedicated team to define and enforce key processes and policies to execute the campaign effortlessly.

Embrace the Data: More the number of media channels, more the data is overwhelmed. Analyzing the information obtained before, during and after the campaigns to provide the best customer insights to move forward.

Adaptability of technology: Develop a flexible structure that can easily integrate new evolving channels into planning, execution and analytics of the marketing activities.

Our Approach

We identify promising customer insights from their data, develop most compelling and profitable campaigns and engage them by Omni channel interaction channels. From digital marketing to customer insights to experience design we help to implement digital- led and customer-centric activities that drive profitable growth.

Our approach is based entirely on the analysis of current and future business processes and capabilities which identifies the extent to which the IT modernization can support marketing activities and in result, improves the customer experience

We follow the following steps:

Marketing Transformation

Our Differentiators

We understand the comprehensive shift from traditional to digital, and our process, analysis and refinement help us launch and create new ideas.

  • Optimize marketing processes to create efficient execution of marketing activities/campaigns
  • Provide real-time solutions through contextual collaboration with customers.
  • Help organizations to implement marketing strategy through automating their processes and increasing channel effectiveness.
  • Integrated approach to marketing strategy that builds an experiential brand
  • Leverage the benefits of optimized sales process that makes quick return on investment of your strategies

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