Healthcare Digital Transformation

The complete solution to Healthcare Digital Transformation and Service Assurance Needs

Healthcare organizations have now plans for future strategies to adopt complete digitization of their business enterprises. Digital transformation in healthcare industry has allowed a large number of doctors and other related health service provides to setup a robust and an outstanding infrastructure by focusing on varying requirements of their patients. The future of healthcare digital transformation seems to be promising one, as many patients have found using digital services as comfortable for varieties of sensitive and complex problems, including medicine and healthcare. Indeed, adoption of digitization will help in embracing the future of healthcare.

We provide services like

  • Healthcare digitization
  • Requirement Assessment
  • Patient Journey Digitization
  • Smart Health

Healthcare digitization activated by Health-based Information Technology has revolutionized the healthcare perception among individuals. It changed the method by which any user approaches and interacts with medical and health services. IT adoption and healthcare industry technology has undergone transformation between the relationship of a service provider with patient and thereby empowering individuals to be the part in family health management and personal health management in an active way as possible.

Understanding Specific Requirements is Essential

According to the doctors and related healthcare service providers perspective to create value, it is very much essential to understand the specific requirements of patients and related myths to comprehend the entire market landscape. Along with this, healthcare organizations have identified their customers segments properly, while identify the services in a strategic way to fulfill the estimated demands of patients. With the aim to stay in pace with the New Breed of Digital Transformation healthcare, doctors and healthcare providers have to obtain actionable insights and in turn, include many new services for retaining the attention of patients and driving value.

Patient Journey Digitization

Patient Care has become integrated with prevention and thus is maturing the insurance and financial methods. The transformation of patient journey is focused towards ease of access, improve care and enhanced connectivity with technologies. We help the e-consumer by equipping them with digital tools that support HCPs in managing patient behavior to achieve a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Smart Health

Health awareness is the need of the hour due to changing parameters of lifestyle, environment and even organisms. The technology has resulted in digital channels that circulate self-health & medical information among consumers. Smart health is an off shoot of these digital technologies which focus entirely on creating a healthy lifestyle for the patients across the globe.
Helping Healthcare organizations in adapting to Digitization

Healthcare organizations have started with the adoption of Digital transformation in healthcare, as large number of health executives cites the medical care’s sensitive nature as a major excuse for its low consumption services. On the other side, in reality, patients want to avail digital services when their needs match perfectly and make sure about high quality. Another reason highlighted for the slow adoption rate is majority of healthcare service providers usually recognize the requirement to stay innovative related to design and specific features.

On the other side, patients in some cases do not expect for innovative features; instead, they look for efficiency in procedures, improvement in accessibility and interaction of humans. Along with this, while adopting digitization in systems, most of the healthcare organizations have started with small approaches, become responsive and provided help as well as regular medical tasks combined with easy navigation rather than creating a complicated and a comprehensive type of platform. In fact, a large number of patients have expected better access to the available information, efficiency and integration with various other channels, along with real person availability in case the digital service fails to provide them what exactly they want.

Furthermore, health systems should develop mobile solutions to target their audiences. For instance, healthcare experts should provide apps focusing on prenatal health of women, give after delivery healthcare tips for both moms and babies and similar others. One has to be well aware of offered solutions, as they have a huge influence to include digitization in the healthcare industry.

Our Approach

We at digifacets, follow the industry standards and regulations to provide healthcare and life science companies with best in class services. Our approach is focused on improving the lifestyle of a consumer and the organization through technology.
Workshop: In collaboration with the organization with understand the problem and define the road map of the solution
Prototype: Through our agile approach, we create a test run for the solution for digital transformation in healthcare.
Implementation: We help to implement the solution with a technology organization which supports the client in various technologies and 24*7.

Security: We make sure the client database and the solutions are secure

Why should healthcare organizations work with us?

Digital transformation in healthcare is patient oriented and depends entirely on the dynamics of each division from product innovation, clinical trials, marketing campaigns etc. Each division demands a separate focus, mindset and technology strategy. We at digifacets, have been working in the digital transformation industry since past 10 years and within the healthcare segment for more than 5 years. We are driven by excellence and by the passion to take healthcare to the next level.

Commitment and vision: We identify the opportunities in the digital healthcare that helps us to embrace the fast changing ecosystem and create solutions that impact the lives of customers and consumers alike. We are committed to providing affordable and connected health solutions.

Operational Excellence: Our team of experts and technology improves flexibility and agility to implement solutions across digital businesses through automation of business activities, back-end process to provide better experience.

Customer Lifetime Value: We create personalized digital services depending upon division, product and stakeholders which result in higher customer lifetime value and increases customer loyalty.

Technology Adoption: We are supported by a robust tech team which strives hard when it comes to strategic changes. Their focus being workplace innovation and cultivation of digital experiences. Our technology team creates roadmaps for the solution which make them future technology ready.

Enhance Business Capabilities: We evaluate efficiency, the connectedness of the processes and predicting risk and opportunities. We believe making your Healthcare Digital transformation Solution Robust, Useful and Profitable.

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