Loyalty Management Platform

Converting early adopters to long-time customers by designing digital loyalty programs


Consumer retention is the key for any business to sustain in the market. Engaging with them in the right way through the right channel allows a company to churn consistent profitability and improve the brand value through various aspects of social and word of mouth.

Our product helps in converting early adopters to long-time happy customers. The primary aim of the solution is to engage the existing consumers throughout the buying journey and ultimately increasing the overall customer LTV. Our complete focus is always towards providing a personalized connect to each customer.

Member Portal

A portal to connect all the member at one place, depending upon the roles and the engagement you want with them

Customer Activity tracking

Track the activity your customers and grow your relationship with them over time

Discount & reward management

Send personalized deals & rewards to your customers based on points or any parameters you like to set

Live Dashboard

View all the information related to your customers and activities at on place and manage your offers with them

Automated Message Advisor

Create personalized messages with our learning engine which would tell you which messages suits your target audience the best

Data Security

Keep your customer personal information safe with us and create layers of security for a better protection

Social Engagement

Pinpoint when and where consumers are most likely to engage with your brand, and target those individuals with personalized content that drives results.


  • Campaign Design
  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Contact Management
  • Event Messaging & scheduling
  • Notification Engine
  • Customer Interest Mapping
  • Enterprise Messaging
  • Basic Reporting
Basic +
  • Campaign Evaluation
  • Partnership Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Customer Profiling
  • Hierarchy Management
  • Deal & Offer parameter Management
Pro +
  • Campaign Testing
  • Geo-location services
  • Recommendation Engine
  • Customer Value Analytics
Advanced +
  • Smart Screen Browsing
  • Advanced customizations