Lead Management Platform

Manage the entire marketing and sales process starting from demand generation to sales


Lead Management is a process of converting prospects from your marketing funnel to your potential customers of the sales pipelines. After this, nurturing the lead through the right CRM makes it possible for any company to convert them to end sales.

Our Lead Management Platform helps to manage the entire marketing and sales process starting from demand generation, through nurturing to sales. We enable you to access the most up-to-date contact information along with the insights of where the campaigns are leading too.

Lead Capture Automation

Automate the lead capturing process from all sources

Lead Qualification

Use our lead quality and scoring to follow up with the right leads

Lead Distribution

Assign leads to relevant members as per parameters set by you

Contracts Management

Manage your contracts at one place

Email Integration

Sync your email inbox to connect with your leads all the time

Task & Reminders

Automate the task allocation procedure

Sales Alerts

Send Notification to your team members whenever their leads need important action to be taken

Sales Tracking

Track your sales approach, performance and ROI

Source Tracking

Identify which source is working the best for you

Analytics & Reporting

Get reports on your entire sales teams & performance


  • Lead & Account Management
  • Send & Reply Emails
  • Basic Reporting
  • Google & iOS Apps Integration
  • Task & Reminders
Basic +
  • Pipeline Management
  • Workflows
  • Email tracking
  • File Manager
  • Notification Management
  • Mailchimp Integration
Pro +
  • Configurable Reports
  • Sales & forecast reports
  • Automated lead enrichments
  • Auto-lead assignment
  • Manual Call logs
  • Account Hierarchy
Advanced +
  • Reports Dashboard
  • Multiple Sales Pipeline
  • Management
  • Smartforms for lead capture
  • Website event Tracking
  • Advanced customizations