Community Engagement Platform

Build a digital space for people to make productive conversations that bring value to your brand


Community Management platform is a complete toolkit for your community engagement. This platform allows you to simply engage your audience by letting them to start a discussion, share their thoughts and ideas on any particular subject. It also provides real time user analytics, participation and engagement level that can be used to build reports and dashboards.

Discussion Forums

Brings community together around a common interest to engage them


Adds an element to play games with ability to track which community member generate more referrals and interact more with content and rewarding top performing member

Survey and Feedback Management

Capture all quantifiable data of the responses to assess perceptions regarding particular topic or issue.

Messaging Service

It helps to bring community together by building sub groups for specific discussions or forums

Anti-spamming Engine

With the content targeting capability it helps to find relevant content to targeted/specific members

Chabot (NLP)

Designed to balance the transparency and careful consideration to answer all the question or concern of the users

Resource Directory

Entire information of the community members to track the allocation and development of any project


Built in analytical and reporting capability with exportable data insights


  • Dashboard
  • News Forum
  • Events
  • Notification Management
  • Task & Reminders
Basic +
  • Document Library
  • Survey & Feedback Management
  • Community Chat
  • Video Gallery
  • Anti-Spam engine
  • Basic Reporting
Pro +
  • Personalized Dashboard
  • Chatbots
  • Automated lead enrichments
  • Newsletters
  • Event Tracking
  • Account Hierarchy
Advanced +
  • Widget Management
  • Smartforms for Feedback
  • Advanced customizations