The Seamless Digital Experience

Author: Animish Raje

Designation: Business Manager - Lifesciences

Digital is Future

Digital has empowered businesses to re-define the path for connecting with the customer and the suppliers. The game changes involved are mobility and analytics for designed and unique strategies. The versatility of pharma field is seen especially among organizations that depend on field administrations and on-field operations along with end customers through enablement in operations. In any case, the current trend/requirement is integrating Digital Connect as a thought driver into a standard tool/operation among organizations which truly depended on the customer focal show. Pharma giants have been attempting to enhance operational productivity and customer connect & care has always considered digital/mobile apps as a reasonable choice. Track stock or deals robotization, information portals may give chances to connect through this cycle of significant realignment. In any case, the selection of mobility services over the traditional requires a fitting framework, design, gadget administration, security administration and a turning point or clear guide for an organization which would take them to the next level giving them an upper hand.

The Digitization of Health

The selection of mobile app innovation for utilization in the pharmaceutical business has truly been delayed in arrival where when contrasted with different ventures like automotive or transport. This is principally, because of concerns in regards to both the physical well-being of patients and the security of private patient data (Regulations). While the medicinal advertisement has rushed to exploit web-based social networking effort, cloud innovation and mobile programming (applications), the pharmaceuticals business has been reluctant in spite of potential growth. Along with this, one major problem faced by them has always been implementation and keeping up with several different applications in the same company along with repetitive data over numerous stages, clients, and brands is not sustainable & advisable for long term strategy. Even if the apps are geared towards a specific segment/group of the consumers, the availability of a seamless experience globally is missing. Most of the apps are based on promoting a product or a cause rather than addressing a major need of the population which can be of utmost importance and create the goodwill.

With the advancements in medications, the competition between pharmaceutical organizations continues getting savage. Each organization is attempting to make the most versatile, interactive and life changing applications and position them on app stores. There is nothing inaccurate in the approach other than the way that companies have to keep the patient’s need before theirs. Since Tech organizations are now exploiting this territory, showcase pioneers from both the specified enterprises ought to join their strengths to shape a perfect portable application cooperation for Doctor-Patients-MR-Pharmacy Connect.

We are experiencing a Paradigm shift in the marketing evolution going absolutely digital in the field of Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices. However, when it comes to implementing the best of the strategies using befitting technologies, we observe a huge gap. We had first-hand experiences talking to the Top 10 Companies and they claim to have implemented all possible digital methods in marketing – still with no success. The million-dollar question is – Did they do it the right way?

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