Need of Healthcare Digital Transformation

Author: Digifacets


When every other sector such as Hospitality or Tourism is undergoing a digital transformation then how can a major sector like healthcare lag behind? Why healthcare digital transformation is the need of the hour and how to keep it secure.

• Availability of information – In the era where information is on the tip of the fingers, it has become important for the hospitals and other healthcare providers to maintain updated websites and their apps so that the customer or the patient can access details such as their important dates such as the date when their surgery is scheduled or the way to the canteen or the cafeteria run by the hospital or the list of doctors and their complete details etc. In the era of smart living, smart health is the key to the successful healthcare business.

• Maintenance of Medical records and data – Almost all business sectors have switched to computers to maintain records such as employee records, stock records etc. the switch happened because of the ease of accessing the data whenever required and same goes for the healthcare digitization.

Digitalization has definitely made the maintenance of the healthcare records easier but with the digitalization comes the security threats. So why are hospitals records targeted by the cyber thieves?

Apparently, the value of the stolen medical records is ten times more valuable when compared with the stolen credit or debit card data. This data is valuable because of the sensitive data involved such as names, residential addresses, social security numbers if applicable, birth dates, billing information etc which can be used by the thieves to target people. Also, the drug cartels or the drug dealers can utilise this sensitive data to create fake ids to buy the drug or carry out any other illegal transaction.

Also, the cybersecurity of the hospitals is low because of low investment is done by the stakeholders of the hospitals and it is as low as 10%. Therefore, the hospitals need to step up their game when it comes to securing their data because of the sensitive nature of the information stored in their systems and also it is the breach of the trust placed by the patient.
Another problem faced by the healthcare sector is the adoption of BYOD, which allows the doctors and other health practitioners associated with the hospital to access the official data from their personal systems which endangers the data because it is easy to hack into the data when compared with hacking into official servers. Also, the hospitals do not monitor the personal systems of their employees so the data can be leaked very easily.

Therefore, this new breed of DT healthcare which is empowering the pharma practices needs to ensure various security layers for the sensitive data recorded in their systems. Several steps can be taken such as Multiple scanning, improved mail security etc to protect the precious data stored the servers from the vicious cyber thieves or the hackers.

Enlightening the quality of healthcare and access to healthcare while controlling costs as populations age and grow, life expectancy increases and public expenditure on healthcare is under pressure are a few of the main challenges for healthcare organizations across the globe.

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