Pharma Intelligence

Author: Animish Raje

Designation: Business Manager - Lifesciences

Pharmaceutical sales representatives (formerly known as detailmen) are the on-ground sales army employed by pharmaceutical companies. These superheroes’ have an immense battle at hand of persuading learned physicians to prescribe their drugs to patients. The term ‘detailmen’ was coined because the particulars of their job speak about detailing company products to physicians one on one and every time it’s a battle of intelligence. To win this war, the pharma companies provide sales aids to the sales reps which often are not helping them make that impact which is a need at that point of conversion. It has been an increasing level of discomfort of these superheroes falling short of interactive content that is powered by market intelligence that can help them win the battle against their competitors.

We are dealing with a multifaceted problem scenario in pharma sales. Having worked for pharma companies for a decade now and knowing the pharma world from the inside, passively – I could enlist few of the most critical situations, pharma sales needs to address at the earliest.

  1. Product Knowledge Management
  2. Competition Comparison Analysis
  3. Product Training
  4. Influencer Intelligence
  5. Visual Sales Aids
  6. Influencer HCP / Physician Connect

The list can go longer and I am sure if we take voluntary feedback from the Medical representations what we call today the field force, there would be finer aspects of detailing that needs to be equipped with a proper implementation of knowledge tools. This can and will help them to create a long-lasting impact on the influencers they meet on a daily basis.

Harnessing Power of Pharma Intelligence

Putting myself in the shoes of Medical representative, speaking to a physician with no or little pharma intel can be dangerous and many times a face-off situation. Losing a potential influencer in the market is not an option one has as a pharma sales professional. I am not saying that we get even in knowledge with that of a physician, being a medical representative. However, if one can be provided with the info graphical interfaces powered by pharma intelligence, you not only help them to remain in the game of conversion but also changing the game in all its entirety. It helps to speak the same language referencing the relevant terms, facts, and phenomenon that supports your product features, also helping the physician to be able to recollect the product brand in reference to given patient cases while prescribing medicines. So, how do we actually harness the power of pharma intelligence in pharma sales? In my opinion, we are looking at different scenarios where this can be implemented in different capacities.

  • Enriching the Knowledge base of Medical field representatives.
  • Handy informative tools for quick references as Sales Aids
  • Helping the physician connect with your pharma content interactively
  • HCP Connect practices using interactive and intelligent Content Marketing

Interactive Training Practices

It’s a bitter truth and a fact of the industry that pharma product training is very monotonous, not only from the content aspect but also from the ‘Seriousness’ perspective of the subject, that takes away the charm of learning. Since ages product manuals have been shoved down the throat of medical field forces and have been asked to mug it up all without a burp! Consequences are evident and practically, every pharma company is trying to break through this cult, trying to find better ways to train and equip pharma sales with a difference. Digital content has been making its mark for a long time now and we have been seeing its implications in a number of industries. It has been over a decade now, where digital pharma practices have been trying to make a difference, however, the problem of effective training is still in persistence and needs some sort of revitalization that can make it work as desired. If you believe that just by using interactive content the learning experience can be made effective, let me be honest with you, it will not work to its absoluteness. It is more about purposing the interactive content in the entire learning cycle and measuring performance and re-emphasizing on missing aspects intuitively. It is as similar to prescribing the dosage of medicine depending on the progress of cure.

Empowering Sales with Digital Pharma Tools

Training is not enough, no matter how intuitive and interactive the content is, as the human brain can only retain a certain percentage of the total content viewed or experienced. It is important that small pellets of quick references are provided that can help salespeople to remember key ingredients for an effective sales pitch. There are a number of ways to empower sales in the pharma industry where we can make considerable modifications bringing in digital disruptions with innovative technologies such as Augmented Realities, Virtual realities, Conversational bots and so on so forth. I speak of the next generation, edetailing programs that can allow medical representatives pitch with interactive content and latest updates and details. This would also allow physicians to interact and involve in the information update process.

Enhancing Physician Connect experiences

Physicians are busy people and the time to connect with a Medical sales representative. Even though a Super Champ medical representative has given a smashing presentation on the next upcoming product, physicians are much occupied in their daily practice unable to grasp and remember every bit of the detail of features, benefits and the competitive advantage over other brands – if not the market acceptance. It’s simply too much to absorb and contain. There are enhanced intelligent digital methods with which we can not only keep a constant connect with the physician, but also, receive valuable feedbacks and update them with the latest information in a timely manner. With such a connect experience any physician would be more than happy stay in touch and prescribe for your medicine as they know what they need to, just a tap away.

We have been working on similar ideas since long and have devised some structural perspectives for functional and technical implementations. If you are interested to work on these lines. Please write to us at hello@digifacets.com

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