Communicating ‘Right’ With Influencers

Author: Animish Raje

Designation: Business Manager - Lifesciences

Digital marketing as a term means marketing digitally but as the experts say it’s much more than what meets the eye. Today, creating a connection between the customer and company is what matters the most. We actually cannot market the product but what we can provide is an experience which can be mesmerizing. And as we all know it is really difficult being of subjective nature or as we say every time, ‘It’s all about the perceptions’

Pharmaceutical Industry comprises of three major players, Manufacturers, Patients and of course the influencers ‘the Doctors’. Doctors are the major connection between the patients and manufacturers because they are the one diagnoses and use their cognition to provide the best medical treatment. As the traditional connect, the medical representatives visit the doctors and then market the product but considering today’s scenario of technology, the information is available at a quick glance. Along with this, the medical representative receives a very short period of time to communicate with the physicians. Now, considering the pharmaceutical side, along with regulatory constraints there is also a loss of product differentiation as the market suggests. So, end of the entire process, the cost of communication is immensely high but the customer value turns out to be low.

As a Digital Marketer, we have always suggested & devised solutions where we can actually understand the needs of our customers, in this case, manufacturers. To connect manufactures as we know have a network of Medical representatives. This team is the actual Ground force who can Make the Difference. The solutions that we create need to support their enablement and surely support the entire sales and manufacturing sector. The solutions which can actually work need to take these points into consideration:

  1. Communicating the Value
  2. Complexity of the Information
  3. Change of structure to cognitively driven rather than analytical one
  4. Refining the message (right people, right context & right time)
  5. Recognizing the actual needs of the Doctor
  6. Relationships help sell better

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