Unboxing Wearable Device using Augmented Reality

Author: Suchi Yadav


Business Advisor – Retail

Augmented Reality might be a new term to many, but this technology has been around us, since the 1990s. While it is unclear as to when AR was used but its credit should be given to Professor Tom Caudill, who was searching a new way to help manufacturing process and came up with a complex piece of software that had the ability to overlay the positions of where things in the in-built process were or to be placed.  A few years later in 2008, the first AR application was made for android users where their mobile phone cameras can see different augmentation on the screen indication different point of interest.

AR technology will be the future of technology, where all users can implement the technology in every-day use. Augmented reality has got a lot of attention, especially from gamers as it offers amazing display on devices that enhance their gaming experience. As of now, augmented reality has not quite lived up to its true potential but it is changing gradually.

Since the advancement in smartphones has been touching the sky, there is an AR app that searches almost everything around you, be it: restaurants, hospitals and even the jobs that are available at surrounding companies. The recent developments in augmented reality have brought the technology into different venues.

Augmented reality has created quite a stir and many consumers are wondering how this latest technology will actually have an impact on them. For anyone that uses a mobile device for daily activities, AR is the future that will allow consumers to experience a reality that is based on personal needs and desires. Similarly, there is an increase in the use of wearable devices that work through synchronizing your smartphone with it. Therefore, we are working on developing an AR app that will focus on presenting a completely new way to engage users while unboxing their wearable device. This app will be compatible with any wearable fitness device like Fitbit. This app act as an audio-visual manual of your device, in which you just need to use your smartphone’s camera and overlay it on the product, by following the instructions displayed on the AR app to understand the features, benefits, and uses of each part in the device.

To know how product unboxing would change the user experience through Augmented Reality, you need to follow below steps to unveil the treasure of technology.

Get Started

The first step towards experiencing this technology, one needs to download our AR app on their smartphones. As soon as your app is downloaded, open it and register to get started. You will be guided through the process of creating an account, which will allow you to pair your phone with this application, eventually allowing to communicate with you.

You should always know your best Fit

As soon as you open the box and overlays the camera on the product, it will notify you about the basic things one needs to understand about wrist placement to get maximum benefit from the wearable device. AR app will ask you to wear your tracker to make you understand how to wear your device in a productive manner.

Well, there are different placing that has to be done while you exercising and when you are not. AR app will tell you the exact placing of your Fitness device tracker for both of the cases.

The only things that one needs to be very careful is that you don’t wear your tracker too tight as it will restrict blood flow, as it would potentially affect your heart rate signal. It should perfectly tight on your wrist while exercising, not too loose, not too tight.


Augmented Reality application will then give you information about the screen of your device. The LCD screen of tracker consists of three main functional buttons: Action, Select and Back.There will be default home screen set as a digital clock, on which if you scroll up, it will show you notifications and down to control your music.AR app will then ask you to navigate your tracker swiping side by side and up and down.Fit ME app will explain you about the variety of activities that your tracker does while you wearing it. It will notify about various activities like:

AR application shall explain you about the different activities your tracker does while you wearing it. It will notify about various activities like:

  • Heart Rate
  • Steps taken
  • Distance Travelled
  • Floors climbed
  • Active minutes
Sleep Tracking

AR app will then explain about sleep tracking function where the user can set their sleeping goals. By default, there will be a goal of 8 hours and allows the user to change it in your dashboard to that better suit you. It will also give sleep metrics including how long user is asleep and the time span between each sleep taken. providing analytics of your sleep compare to other who share similar age and gender.

Daily Activity Goal

After sleep tracking, it’s also necessary that you manage your daily activity goal. AR app will give you information about Daily Activity Goal. This function will allow you to track your daily records based on your goals set and when you reach your goal, the tracker will notify the user. Default goal would be a certain number of steps to be accomplished every day, which can also be customised according to user comfort zone. This function also motivates you by showing you the progress of the activity and motivates you to complete the task efficiently.


When you have set your daily activity goal, it is equally important to know which exercise would help you the most in your plan. Thus, AR app will take you to this function that makes sure the exercises which you liked or watch will be saved in the playlist. It also gives you the liberty to record them, simultaneously giving the analysis of calories burn of a particular day. It will also customise your exercise on basis of your needs be it, running, jogging or hiking.

You can also track your exercise by connecting. You can start your activity by pressing ‘Let’s Go’ button on the screen. It will also give you real-time data by swiping up or down on your statistics. At the end of your activity, you will get your activity results that consist speed, KMs covered, duration, calories burnt and steps covered

By tapping back or left button, it will take the user back to Home Screen.


A regular breathing is necessary while you are busy throughout the day, therefore AR application will notify you at every two hours of the interval to take a minute out of your busy schedule to take deep breaths for 30 seconds. The user needs to just follow instruction for this activity, also giving freedom where the user can delay this activity for later.

Thus, giving a complete feel of unboxing experience through Augmented Reality, it could impact our lives in so many ways. There is great future of this technology which can be used in Education, Medicine and Science. In fact, that day is not so far where the superimposed image could appear on physical architecture. Along with fascinating displays, there also comes safety concerns that need to be addressed as the level of cyber-crime attacks are increasing gradually. The future of this technology is vast and practice of this technology is becoming more and more useful in various fields and walks of life.

if you are interested to develop such amazing application, do contact us.

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