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Author: Dhrub Bandhopadhya

Designation: Head, Digital Marketing & Transformation Practices

Health awareness is the need of the hour due to greater adoption of unhealthy lifestyle by the 21st-century population. Information Technology advances have resulted in numerous digital channels that disseminate self-health &medical information among general public and specific disease sufferers. However, underlies the greatest shortcoming of these channels. It is their inability to present details in a manner that aids in finding and understanding of information by the patients. Adding to the problem is the fact that healthcare industry uses academic terminology and alphabetized lists of hard-to-spell specialties to categorize and deliver care.

As per a research, nine in ten Americans struggle to understand jargon-filled health information.

This makes it difficult for patients to digest the information and utilize it for their betterment. This hard to resolve situation has grown an inevitable need to develop a solution that is scientific in its implementation but interactive/intuitive in its delivery catering the basic need of providing the right information in the simplest possible manner.

The need based patient learning system is our envisioned solution to this problem. This system would understand the core intent of patient’s interaction in the human speech. This solution revolves around 4 major perspectives

  • Know your disease
  • Know your doctor
  • Know your medication
  • Learn from other patients
Know your disease:

The experience of pain or feeling of sickness is the origin of a patient life cycle. Patients under conventional scenario Google their symptoms instead of making a trip to the doctor. But the search results are often impersonal and inaccurate. In the case of chronic diseases, the consequences of such can be deadly.

According to reports, Millions of patients die every year due to late detection of diseases.

This originates the need of the solution that provides highly personalized, step-by-step consultation narrowing down possible health conditions to the best possible matches. It should also instruct patients to visit the doctor in case of any serious issues.

This solution would be empowered with knowledge of thousands of symptoms and conditions, from the common cold to rare diseases. The complete functioning of the system and overall patient interaction with the system would be dynamic, intuitive and straight-forward.

The overall interaction to know about disease would be as follows:

  • Share your problem
  • Answer short and simple questions
  • Get relevant results
  • Receive instant self-help tips

Know your doctor

The disconnect between human speak and difficult medical terminology makes it troublesome for patients to understand the type of specialist they should see to treat a specific symptom or condition. People usually do not understand the difference between Obstetrician and pediatrician or Optometrist and ophthalmologist. This solution connects patients with appropriate care providers.

This solution is instinctive in its approach. Patients can search the doctors in their language. It empowers patients to search orthopedic by just typing “ortho” or “leg pain”. The intelligent algorithm implemented at backend efficiently understands natural human language and maps it to more scientific terminology to provide relevant results.

Apart from finding the right provider, the solution can also be used to book appointments with the doctors nearby through multiple online channels. This can help to reduce the patient waiting time and can optimize complete physician administration and management processes.

Know your medication

We all have heard and known the importance of mindful eating but how many of us know the ingredients of pills we pop in. It is equally important if we do not bother to know at least basic details of tablets we consume. It is essential to have knowledge of chemical contents, price per unit, manufacturer, warnings and its side-effects. Knowledge of the side effects of medicines motivates the patients to take greater self-care and adopt the healthier lifestyle. This envisioned solution empowers the patient with all this information in an easy and understandable manner.  It also provides details of alternative medicines from other brands. With the intelligence of the alternative medicines, patients can question physicians that loot them by prescribing expensive pills.

Learn from other patients

In the case of chronic and rare diseases, it is difficult to guide one’s lifestyle and healthcare decisions. An online gathering place can help where patients and prospective patients would interact and share their real-life experiences. These online communities can be of different types as follows:

  1. Health Information
  2. Disease Specific
  3. Physician portals
  4. Support Portals
  5. Wellness Portals

These communities can be used by patients to learn about specific health care issues either by posting questions, reading peer patient stories, viewing awareness media content shared by local authorities etc. Return on Communities will be in the form of improved health outcomes for patients and in the overall health of the community.

This complete solution will sow the seeds of NEXT GENERATION SMART PATIENTS.

If you like our Idea, do write your reviews to us. Even if you like to execute same for your organization, we are always ready to help you.

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