Interactive MR Training

Author: Heena Jethani

Designation: Strategic Technology Consultant

Medical Sales Representatives are the on-road brand ambassadors for Pharma Companies. So it’s critical that they represent the company and its products in a highly enthralling and distinctive manner. They are responsible for convincing the doctor about the better quality and superiority of company’s medicines over the other competitors and global market players. It is essential on their part to deliver value to their customers- The Prescribers without wasting their time in a clear, understandable and trustful way. Thus, it becomes inevitable for them to continuously improve their efficiency. It is important for them to have complete knowledge and deeper insights about their products, competitor’s products, several aspects of human anatomy etc. They are also expected to have a high level of proficiency in soft skills and sales capabilities. These above-stated requisites raise the dire need to impart quality content and effective training to the reps. Conventional learning methods and traditional training techniques fail to satisfy changing market requirements/dynamics. Conventional methodologies include paper-based training materials, onsite seminars, periodic knowledge transfer sessions, product launching ceremonies etc. These methods are not only expensive but also lack sustainability.

  • Paper-based training materials cost up to $1,000 per new hire.
  • Sales reps forget 79% of total information shared in seminars within 30 days

Following challenges are faced by reps daily in their day to day activities

  • Inadequate knowledge of product compositions
  • Lack of understanding of competitor products
  • Pressure to convince Doctors in short meetings
  • Inefficient long commuting hours
  • Monotonous training methodologies-usually bookish
  • Minimal peer to peer communication
  • Quick loss of information due to unsustainable delivery methods
  • Unable to find relevant sales content

To overcome above challenges and boost sales, pharma companies need to provide next generation training experiences to their reps. There is a need to develop a solution that is a scientific alternative to conventional methodologies. Solution that is interactive, technology-enabled and drafted precisely to drive right results.

E-Training, sometimes called “virtual sales training” is this required solution.

Virtual Sales Training– It is the procedure to help employees develop the skills they need to perform specific tasks in an online environment. This state-of-the-art training solution engages the reps through audio, video, animation, text and self-examination questions.

Advantages of the solution are as follows:

  1. Reduced Costs: Reusability reduces the cost of online courses drastically. Content once created can be used multiple times for different users.
  2. Quick roll out: eLearning enables companies to roll out product training simultaneously to all sales people throughout the globe.
  3. Flexible & Adaptable: virtual sales training can be delivered in small, bit sized training modules and busy sales people can draw their own convenient schedules
  4. Measurable- Solution can be used to track the progress of different reps.
  5. Learning at their pace-Synchronous e-learning is self-paced. It allows advanced learners to speed through or bypass instruction that is redundant for them
  6. 24/7 Inter MR Collaboration- Assemble all reps together to speak about daily issues. It increases the overall productivity of reps due to fewer emails/calls, faster question resolution etc.

Advancement in technology has evolved novel ways of educating. These ways can also be incorporated in this virtual training solution to provide cherry on the cake.


The inclusion of Gamification in MR training programs would incorporate the fun element for the users.

Introduction of Points, badges, and leaderboards in the learning process would evoke friendly competition and a higher level of engagement.

Real-Time implementations of Gamification in Pharma learning are as follows:

  • Virtual onboarding for New Hires
  • Compliance awareness
  • Product based learning etc.

Game-Based Learning

It is a contemporary and futuristic form of training. It is the best learning solution for nontraditional learners that do not get intrigued by conventional text-based learning. It would foster the feeling of enthusiasm even towards most boring subjects. Its interactive engagement scenario would provide a perfect amalgamation of entertainment and learning.

Popular Use cases of game based learning in MR training are:

  • Online training games with milestones
  • Product based serious games that drive sales skills
  • Games to analyze human anatomy and diseases etc.

Augmented Reality

It is the best innovative tool for immersive learning. It can be used to inject a large amount of meaningful content among reps. The most common applications of AR in pharma are:

  • Overlay images– Overlaying images of drugs, to empower reps with all the drug related information.
  • Drug packaging– To captivate reps as well as prescribers with a hidden level of graphics that can only be viewed through a phone’s camera.


Conversational agents are new era teaching assistants. They are responsible for providing personalized learning experiences to users. They can be used as digital advisors in eLearning scenario to answer basic or repetitive questions reps have. They could also act as a source of reinforcement to push notifications on the occurrence of specific triggers.

Wearable Technology

Wearables offer immense possibilities to create experiential learning opportunities for reps. It can be used to create immersive and individualized learning environment or content.

  • First person tutorial- Google glass facilitates to access information on the go, hands-free.
  • Additional layer of interactive information about drugs can be placed with apple watch


M-learning satisfies the needs of the users that prefer seamless learning experiences across myriad devices. Its flexibility and ubiquitous availability would ease learning even in dead times, highly impacting overall productivity of the users.

Cloud-based Learning solutions

Cloud LMS solutions offer hosted platforms with no installation requirements. Thus, the companies can maintain whole and sole focus on the content. They can be used to deliver and track online courses purposefully engineered for reps.

Such interactive training will not only engage and motivate reps for learning and acquiring knowledge but will also leave a lasting impact and the overall structure in which they will be delivered will be built-to-last, satisfying all the needs of “modern sustainable training”

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