360 degree Asthma Care Smart Mobile App

Author: Dhrub Bandhopadhya

Designation: Head, Digital Marketing & Transformation Practices

A digital companion that helps patients manage their life with asthma.

Anytime. Anywhere.

In one of my recent articles, I had emphasized on smart technologies changing the perspective of managing life with Asthma care. There are a lot of mobile applications and digital smart Class 1 and 2 devices that are already in the market serving the patients effectively. While these solutions are no doubt doing their best, they lack the completeness on a fundamental ground. Total Patient Orientation. Every product that is launched into the marketed is focused towards the technology that is aiding the patient in a focused way affecting one or few aspects at a time. There is no smart technology app that provides a panoramic coverage of care, helping to take clinically recommended actions, precautions, and steps in all possible conditions and scenarios of an Asthma patient’s life.

Below is an attempt to provide a solution idea that can revolutionize the life of an Asthma Patient, incredibly.

The App would typically have the following features that would cover a total coverage of care for the Asthma Patient.

The App would primarily focus on acquiring the vitals and details of the patient and manage a comprehensive patient profile of its own that would evolve with more and more usage of the app by the patient. We are talking about implementing machine learning in this aspect creating a unified patient intelligence, which would be the core of the app and work as a guideline for all actions triggered by the app.

While the App can always have the list of physicians through API driven services available online, it would be easy for the patient to find their physicians and register them to the app as a default, alternative, recommended physician by priorities, with a clear consent of sharing patient history and data. Similarly, the doctor would also have a single sign on to consult and prescribe patients and also enjoy the Physician app – just like the Patient is benefiting from the Asthma Care App. Integrating the patient and the physician would allow the functionalities like e-consulting and e-prescriptions as a location independent practice under a process is driven regulated environment.

Multi-Pharmacy Integration

No wonder if the system has its own regulated and physician authenticated e-prescription with a physician connect module, it can have end number of pharmacy integrations and with that, any possible copay integrations are very much on the cards. Ordering and reordering would be easier with wallet integration.

Wearable & Smart Medical Device and Data Service Integration and Configuration

A key ingredient and a pivotal feature of the entire system, would help in capturing a wide variety of patient related data – comprising of medicinal use, body vitals etc. and transferring them into the core system. This would track and manage doses by quantity and frequency with date/time stamp, allowing management of the smart inhaler device also where the patient would be able to check the battery status, refill status and Alerts etc. Compatibility with multiple devices would be a critical aspect to be taken into consideration for the success of this idea bringing in the possibility to capture as many as possible body vitals that can support the decision-making algorithm of the application and show an accurate health status of the patient – as referenced in Interactive Health Indicator Dashboard. Smart wearables such as smart watches, bands, pebbles, patches etc. and smart medical devices such as Bluetooth Spirometers, peak flow meters etc. More the options better it is for being more accurate in predicting an asthma attack, so the app can take precautionary measures and actions inclusive of SOS – emergency calls to preferred physician.

Stepping a step forward into the future – the following can be an add on module subjected to a customized upgrade. We are speaking of Smart home and Smart Car integration. Considering more and more homes and care are getting connected with smart phones, it would be nice to have your commute and habitat environment also be well connected to your asthma lifestyle. We are speaking of having smart devices like Nest and many others that can accurately work out the AQI (Air Quality Index) including temperature, pollution (in the case of any gas leakage, dust etc. air density, oxygen other environmental content etc. The Smart Home would communicate with the smartphone app and take necessary actions such as – SOS to the doctor or place a call to the Primary Health Care center or simply suggest the patient for the best possible action to be taken. A similar possibility is with smart cars as well, however, the case would be more divergent where the Smart app would communicate more with the car and shall activate necessary actions such as engine immobilizer and SOS, emergency signals etc. should there be an emergency of a patient about to get into an asthma attack. Situations can be anything and the right sort of integration with the right logic can save patients in adverse situations while driving.

The App would be connected to a number of authentic data channels that can provide information pertaining to Weather, Pollution, Food Recommendations, Primary Care and a wide range of content that would work in sync with the Active schedule and the patient’s health Indicator and the patient’s health profile. Here we are speaking of a collection of purpose oriented tools that would allow the patient to actions based on proactive updates received and displayed by the system.

Consider a situation where the patient is going for a vacation at a place where there is an industrial area, with lot of weather variations. The app would collect information from the active scheduler and research the climatic conditions of the destination place – additionally it would also check the recent news to find if there are any recent activities that might have caused a divergence to a standard and stable living environment of the patient. In any case, the conversational bot shall convey the message with do’s and don’ts for the vacation and what are the possible essentials to keep a note on for the Patient to have a healthy and an enjoying vacation.

Intuitive Tracking and Monitoring

They would have an in-built content crawler, tracking and monitoring every notification, email, messages, chats excerpts, social postings etc. and shall be consuming the information to build a base of the active scheduler to be smarter than ever. This would be the next generation automation of data acquisition that would intuitively handle all of the patient’s activities and use that information in favor of managing the lifestyle of the patient more effectively.

Empathic Alert & Notification Conversational Bots

While notification and Alerts are important, it is mostly an irritating functionality that puts off the user. Considering this app is for patients and their life is going to depend on these alerts and notifications. This app would revolutionize the next generation alerts and app notifications. The system would wait for the right moment to trigger the notification and an empathetic voice that is sober and comfortable enough for the patient to listen to it carefully would deliver the notification. This would feel like a real-life care specialist speaking to the patient recommending actions to be taken – whether taking an inhaler shot or confirmation of a doctor’s appointment.

Patient Learning and Social Integrations

This is one of the most interactive and a critical part of the entire patient lifestyle management app. The learning module would include all possible regulated content sources integrated that shall provide interactive content based learning options for the patient to know more about Asthma as a disease and how to control it to live a happy life. The module would include a voice enabled smart search with a plethora of sorting and filtering options of content, inclusive of live streamed video content.

The idea is to provide the patient information on an as need basis. The same content sources are also going to be used for alerts and notifications and for smart tools also that would help the patient to get the right information at the right time.

A patient would be curious to know how other patients manage their life. It is always good to share experiences – good or bad to even the odds and learn the better things in the entire process. While the app should have end number of social integration choices – the possibilities to add more can always be there. We can keep that option open.

Interactive Health Indicator Dashboard

The Health indicator is an interactive health dashboard of the patient. It would show the performance of the patient for defined time period and shall give accurate data visualization and insights of change health patterns. The data typically would include, body vitals and usage of the smart inhaler, a number of doses and refills, skipped attacks and lot of other value-added data representations that can give a quick snapshot of the health profile of the patient.

We believe possibilities are endless, if the intent to provide optimum care, there is no dearth of resources.

Please like and share this idea. If you are interested in developing this idea ahead – please do not hesitate to contact us.

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