Re-branding Medical Devices

The Customer

Industry: Lifesciences

The customer is a leading pharma and a medical device company working in the diabetes space with a large number of medical device products and accessories. Each of these devices had their own consumer segment focused and purposed though all belonging to the same medical segment of diabetes. The customer wanted to rebrand the entire experience and the family of products, revitalizing the connect with their customers. The idea was to spread awareness of the products with revamped digital content and with unique features that would engage and retain the customers. The rebranding exercise was aimed to create multi-landing pages running multiple customer journeys in parallel for segmented customer conversions.


  • All the products under the same category of care – Diabetes
  • Product traffic cannibalization
  • Lack of seamless experience across all channels

The Solution

We designed a responsive experience for the entire website considering a wide range of device resolutions for both portrait and landscape mode. The structural design of the website was made to provide a seamless experience following the branding guidelines as provided by the customer. We digitized the content as illustrations explaining a flow to make it easier to understand and edited videos to provide organized, focused messaging. We implemented the entire design in Parallax structure which helped in telling user stories effectively. Also, several services for various purposes like feedback, surveys etc. were integrated. Based on the funnel design we implemented an effective tagging strategy that helped is preparing custom dashboards to provide actionable insights to the customer on a weekly basis.


  • Loading time reduced from 16 to 3.14 seconds
  • Bounce off rate reduced to 38%
  • Program Registrations increased by 62%
  • Zero downtime of website till date

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