Multi-channel Campaign Conversion Analytics

The Customer

Industry: Lifesciences

The customer is a leading pharmaceutical company having a wide range of smart medical devices. The customer had a cluster of websites with a mix of content including product detail pages, information pages, search pages, FAQ pages and a lot more. Each of these pages was connected with defined landing pages. The media buying company were budgeted to run ongoing campaigns for spreading awareness, advocacy on the product efficacies and also facilitating patients with information on the medical cause. We were asked to provide with a tagging strategy and implement the strategies to capture all possible journeys, sourced from all possible points of inception. The deliverable was to provide insights and analytical detailing of all campaigns run during specific periods in a custom designed dashboard visualization that followed the marketing funnel.


  • Understanding the campaign cycles coordinating with the media buying partner
  • Mapping our tagging strategy with ad campaign strategy and simplifying the journeys connecting them with specific landing pages
  • Preparing customer dashboard with a wide list of insight requirements

The Solution

We made an Excel-based multi-tabular dynamic dashboard that sourced the data from Google Analytics. We used data sheets with a defined data structure to plan the data under a defined set of guidelines that complied to our tagging strategy and the campaign parameters of the customer. We also customized a dashboard on Google Analytics also and marked the views. We created a wide range of combination of data sets that created different perspectives of the behavior the visitor had while traversing the website pages. Each of these perspectives unraveled insights of the experience the visitor went through. We automated structured views that gave a step by step visibility on campaign successes and failures both with % deviance from planned conversion scenarios.


  • Average loading time of all landing page remained between 6.2 – 5.5 seconds only
  • Tagging strategy included 40+ pages and 62 CTAs inclusive of banners etc.
  • Custom Views included 18 Perspectives covering all possible scenarios requested for Management Reporting and analysis for next level decision making.

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