Medical Device Product Launch

The Customer

Industry: Lifesciences

The customer is a leading global healthcare manufacturing company that has a divisional company dealing with the medical device for diabetes. Having a diverse product portfolio the company is always in pursuit of aiding diabetes patients with new devices that make tracking diabetes more accurate and affordable. The company came up with a new state of art device with insurance benefits making it more affordable and with that, the new product was designed to fit in the modern lifestyle with proven accuracy and reliable results.


  • Featuring launch of a new product within the family of a similar product
  • Balance the customer experience so it does not affect the popularity and customer loyalty of existing product brands
  • Unifying the branding experience inline to the other product brands

The Solution

We conceived the product launch and created a storyline that depicted the theme of a new member added to the family of products that does not cannibalize other product brands in the market. We designed a responsive experience for the product under the umbrella of products as a new member. We kept a clean interface with a focused storyline with a one-page flow of funneled content, that differentiated the product from other products by creating a unique brand persona. We used parallax design method to build the entire story in a step by step fashion and used minimal menus to create a unified customer journey. Keeping the same branding guidelines the experience maintained a seamless experience with the rest of the brand product pages. An effective tagging strategy helped us preparing custom dashboards to provide actionable insights to the customer on a weekly basis.


  • Average loading time for the page remained between 5.4 –  6.2 seconds
  • Average Bounce off for the first 6-8 weeks was well within 52 – 55%
  • Online purchase gained 9% share

More Work