Intuitive Car Campaign Solution

The Customer

One of the largest Norwegian automotive importer and distributor of luxury cars of 5 of the most prestigious car brands in entire Europe, wanted to strategize and implement a solution which can automate the campaigning activities for their inbound and outbound callers as well as marketing executives. Their goal was to boost the sales process for their new line of Luxury car models.


  • Customer executives facing challenges in using information
  • Absence of CMS
  • Less efficiency due to manual process

The Solution

We developed a solution which automates campaign activities for luxury car selling. The solution offers a unique feedback mechanism for better understanding the customer and triggers effective engagements by analyzing customer satisfaction index along with exhaustive reporting to identify key success factors.


  • 5000+ Customers reached in a week
  • 30% Rise in Sales in 1stquarter
  • 80% Increased Efficiency

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