Smart Search

The Customer

Industry: Lifesciences

The client is a Canadian Publishing Corporation. They publish healthcare research, reports, reviews, commentaries and news from and for academics, scientists, clinicians, policymakers, administrators, and pundits. They wanted to develop a single platform to manage the overall healthcare content aggregation and distribution process


  • Manual handling of papers, reports etc.
  • Difficulty for professionals to search relevant content
  • Inefficiency in overall business management
  • Absence of digital distribution channel

The Solution

We developed a smart web portal to aggregate all healthcare content from various publishers, sources and distribute it in curated methodology to medical professionals. The account-based login allows users to publish content on the portal after being validated by admin. With the use of subscription model, users can access all the content published on the portal. The portal was enabled through intelligent search engine to effectively search for relevant articles, papers etc. This web portal has optimized the complete process of healthcare content management and distribution for the client.


  • 20% increase in revenue
  • 40% increase in subscribers
  • Established new revenue channel- through advertising based revenue model

More Work