HCP Awareness

The Customer

Industry: Lifesciences

The customer is a leading pharma and a medical device company working in the diabetes space with a large number of medical device products. The company on-course of bringing a revolutionary product that could potentially change the treatment of patients, getting more accurate in the diagnosis of the patient getting hypo-glycemic during an entire day of timeline. They needed a focused HCP Awareness Campaign in order to spread the knowledge that how the new device would revolutionize the future of diabetes medication through effective monitoring.


  • Unable to Keep balance of visual, textual and interactive content
  • Unstructured medical content
  • Lack of connected journey

The Solution

We designed a responsive experience for the awareness campaign considering a wide range of device resolutions both for portrait and landscape mode. Considering the HCP segment we kept the interface very clean and focused on a skeletal journey for the visitor and organized content based on a unified storyline. While there were a number of landing pages for this website – we created a navigation that would interconnect the pages by cross-referencing content. Based on the funneled storyline designed, we implemented an effective tagging strategy that helped in preparing custom dashboards to provide actionable insights to the customer on a weekly basis.


  • Average loading time of all landing page remained between 6.2 – 5.5 seconds only
  • Bounce off reduced from 62% initially to an average of 41.4%
  • Incremental increase in Program Registrations by 8-11%

More Work