Email Marketing Solution

The Customer

Industry: Retail

An FMCG retailer having chain stores in Sweden, approached us for developing an email marketing solution to send emails and newsletter to their customers. The Client wanted to connect with his customers regarding personalized offers and discounts. The expectations were clear, they needed increasing footfalls.


  • Inadequate digital infrastructure
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Track email and engagement analytics

The Solution

We developed a user-friendly email marketing solution that helps that manages receipts, content, and offers of various products. The solution has a custom editor for email composition to create templates leveraging intuitive drag and drop tool. The solution was integrated with dynamic segmentation API which tracks conversations, bounce rates, link click & campaign analytics based on customer data.


  • 39 % Unique Clicks
  • 89% Delivery Rates
  • 26% Open Clicks
  • 79% Increase in Customer Engagement

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