Digital Product Catalog

The Customer

Industry: Lifesciences

The customer is a leading pharmaceutical company dealing with diabetes and vascular. They have a wide range of products with paper-based product manuals and guidelines, they wanted to enhance the experience of consumers unboxing the product through interactive content. Their consumer survey reported that consumers are facing problems in getting acquainted with the device functionalities. The client need was to have an interactive content manual that people can view and understand in a short span of time and engage with it.


  • Manage content interactiveness from product manual
  • Lack of visual content
  • Lack of learning experience for consumers
  • Long cycle of change approval from regulatory to update manuals

The Solution

We made a digital flipbook with a wide range of tools enhancing the experience of the visitor trying to know more about the product at a pre-purchase or post-purchase situation. The interface included interactive videos, 2D and 3D animation content with digitally illustrated content mapping a step by step configuration process of the device. There is an interactive search interface that allows keywords based specific search made possible for people who know what they want to know. The content included an alphabetically sorted glossary section which linked to the specific sections, giving an interlinked browse feature, making it easy to look up medical terms and features. The users could highlight, annotate, zoom in-out content through other functionalities.


  • Increased content engagement by 45% than previous free flow content
  • Search increased traffic inflow with 65% of traffic interactive with the search interface
  • The flip interface increased the traffic of the product pages of the website by 35% in the first 6 weeks.

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