We are
Modern Marketing Technologist

Digifacets helps in reimagining the digital vision with a tailored approach to empower organizations with a clear roadmap for their future. Digital transformation is a shift from the current state to the one which is digitally integrated into all business areas, improving operational efficiency. We understand that digital transformation is across marketing, implementing digital strategy and experience design that accelerates the interaction between organizations and their customers

Bridging the digital gap

We focus on bridging the digital gap through our services and products. We align your strategy and organizational goals which help customers identify valuable information through our transformation approach.

Customer-Centric Approach

We help organizations to thrive in this digital world with people-centric solutions and an ability to enhance business decision making in this transformative time

Insight Driven Performance

We believe that our 360-degree perspective of data driven insights gives a competitive edge to an organization to adapt the changing market conditions, revolutionize business models and enhances customer experiences.

Our Technology Roots

Digifacets is strengthened by its parent company Gateway Group that specializes in transforming their customer’s business, providing the right insights by deploying best technological solutions. Gateway Group serves customers across 5 continents and 14 countries.

Our Culture

Our culture is to treat every member as a part of our family by giving them opportunities to branch out and lead an initiative making a difference in the way the world works.

Niraj Gemawat
Chairman & Managing Director, Gateway Group
Indrajit Mitra
Joint Managing Director, Gateway Group
Vipin Moharir
Partner Director Gateway Group
Pratik Mehta
CEO Digifacets
Parag Shah
Assistant Vice President - Strategic Technology Consulting
Dhrub Jyoti Bandhopadhya
Practice Head, Digital Marketing & Transformation Practices
Amit Raje
CTO & head, Resource Management
Lina Budhwani
Chief Financial Officer
Sonal Shah
Director HR